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Virtual Cafe Scientifique

Universal Design

Archived site - this website is out of date and kept online for reference only.

An updated ECS Virtual Café Scientifique is currently under development, as part of the EPSRC POLMAT project.

  Universal Design aims to work well with the:

  • greatest number of poeple

  • greatest range of situations

  • greatest range of technologies

    •  processor speeds

    • screen sizes and resolution

    • network bandwidth

    • input & output devices

    • multiple platforms

Cheaper to Design/Build-In than Modify Later:
e.g. "crub-cut" pavement ramps

  • created to allow wheelchairs to cross street

    • also benefits blind people

    • also benefits people who can’t lift legs easily

  • but also benefits anything with wheels

    • e.g. prams, buggy, trolley, bike, case, deliveries

Standard Compliance: make websites more available to:

  • people with disabilities

  • web-enabled phones

  • search engines (Google is like a billionaire blind user)

Something for you to try:

  • Although the association of computing professionals (ACM) Code of Ethics states “In a fair society, all individuals would have equal opportunity to participate in, or benefit from, the use of computer resources regardless of race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin or other such similar factors.” in reality this is not the situation with much web technology as you can see if you TURN OFF your browser graphics, sound, animation & video output and use ONLY the keyboard and NOT the mouse as input.