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Going Completely Green

Archived site - this website is out of date and kept online for reference only.

An updated ECS Virtual Café Scientifique is currently under development, as part of the EPSRC POLMAT project.

 If we want to stop using fossil fuels we need to generate all of the 140kWh energy and we need to do this from renewable sources. This would need: 

       Build 60,000 wind turbines – most of them offshore 

       Half of all the roof area in the country covered with solar panels 

       Build 5 new nuclear power stations 

       1000km of wave machines along the coast 

       Re-insulated almost all the nation’s homes, and turned the thermostats down 

       Flood the Severn Estuary…and 

       Give over about 25% of the UK’s food-producing land to energy crops 

Building Enough Turbines

If we need 60,000 wind turbines averaging 2MW 

And we need to do this by 2025 

This means we need to put up 15 turbines per day –> 1 per hour!